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top quality flash products 

Panda Magic is a magic effects creation company with an expertise in top quality flash products for professional magicians.
We've been playing with fire since 2007 and supplying magic all around the world since then. Located near Leiria (Portugal) we produce and distribute worldwide
simply the best quality flash products.

Panda Magic Flash Products:

  • Flash Paper: Thin Flash Paper, Medium Flash Paper, Thick, Flash Paper, Sparkling Flash Paper, Coloured Flash Paper, Coloured Flash Paper, Big size Flash Paper
  • Flash Cotton:  White Flash Cotton, Coloured Flash Cotton
  • Flash String: White Flash String, Coloured Flash String
  • Flash Pads: Thin flash Pads, Medium flash Pads, Thick Flash Pads, Sparkling Flash Pads, Coloured Flash Pads, Coloured Flame Flash Pads
  • Elaborate Flash Products: Burning Money, Flash Cards (Face only), Flash Cards (Back only), Flash Cigarettes, Flash Corks, Flash Envelopes, Flash Feathers, Flash Teabags and more to comeā€¦
  • Non-Flash Products: Zap Finger, Zap Wallet and more to come...

Panda Magic Custom Production

We can produce flash-based effects for your Company, whether it is a magic trick or for a commercial event or a TV appearance. Contact us for more information.

Wholesale only

Magicians, if you see any item you like, contact your favourite Magic Shop.

We do not sell to the public. Only authorized dealers can purchase and gain access to pricing and availability. If you want to become an official Panda Magic dealer feel free to contact us. 

All orders are shipped from Portugal (for EU market), Mexico (for Americas and Caribbean market) or from Italy (for Italy, UK, Swiss and rest of the world market) by postal and/or express service.

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